Determination of Molar Mass by Boiling Point Elevation

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Francis Raoult discovered the change in boiling points of solutions varies by the number of particles in the solution. Scholars apply the concept to determine the molality of a solution based on the change in boiling point. They use an unknown solid and ethanol to calculate moles of solute and determine the mystery solid.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have different pupils test different solids and compare results
Classroom Considerations

  • Follow all safety instructions, as ethanol is flammable and experimenters must keep hot plates at a level six or below
  • Relies on prior knowledge of solutes, solvents, moles, and boiling points

  • Includes solving for both experimental error and theoretical values
  • Provides safety tips in full capitals throughout the experiment's instructions

  • None
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