Did the Amazons Really Exist?

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Who were the warriors most feared by the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians Central Asians, and Chinese? The mighty women called Amazons, that’s who. Secondary viewers learn that the understanding of the Amazons, who were originally assumed to be mythical, along with the Greek heroes they fought, is undergoing a dramatic change. With recent discoveries, archaeological evidence is tipping the balance toward viewing the Amazons as nomadic Scythians who had a leg-up on equality. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate the video into a lesson on mythology, ancient nomads, equality, women in the military, DNA analysis, portrayal of women in art, or archaeology
  • Extend the lesson by having learners research other revelations about other historical assumptions through the use of DNA analysis
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires geography preparation for full understanding
  • Turn closed captioning on to assist English learners
  • Provides cross-curricular opportunities with biology, ancient epic, archaeology, and art history 
  • Draws conclusions from a range of sources, including writing, vase painting, architecture, and grave analysis