Difficult Situations Fun Deck

What would you do? Fifty-six illustrated picture flash cards provide players with an opportunity to talk about difficult situations, practice responses to awkward or uncomfortable situations, and consider how to deal with dangerous situations. 

K - 6th Social Studies & History 27 Views 11 Downloads
App Overview

Getting Started:

  • To begin, tap the Start New Game button located in the menu on the right side of the home screen
  • To add a player, tap the plus (+) icon found on the bottom right on the screen
  • Then tap the Next button in the upper-right corner
  • Select one of the situations presented and press Start
  • Both the red and green buttons located on the bottom of the screen advance the difficult situations cards
  • The right corner Menu button permits users to change the Options, Pause Game, or End Game.
  • View Results shows player progress
  • The advance arrow (>) reveals the percentage of the deck viewed
  • Game Options permits users to change players, cards, and, modes
  •  The More . . . button accesses credits, policies, and other apps by Super Duper Publications
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members first respond to a selected situation in a journal before a whole-class discussion
  • Have small groups develop a skit modeling how the difficult situation could and/or should not be handled
Classroom Considerations
  • A safe classroom environment needs to have been established prior to engaging in some of the discussions


  • Gives players an opportunity to consider alternatives and practice responses 
  • Flash cards can be selected or skipped over
  • No way within the app to record possible or suggested responses