Digital Compass

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Time to make some real world decisions in an interactive digital citizenship game. Choose a story and help the characters make the right decisions regarding Internet safety, cyberbullying, copyright, media literacy, appropriate online communication, password security, and digital footprint. the resource helps class members become good digital citizens in a world where social media is bigger than ever and profiles are a representation of your online identity.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the accompanying Educator guides to understand the goals of each story and the lesson plans for instructing
  • Post the link on your classroom website for parents to play with their children
Classroom Considerations
  • Explore the interactive before assigning it to the class to ensure it fits into your curriculum; choose a lesson from Common Sense K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum to pair with the game's stories
  • As learners create a username, they can pause or quit the game and come back to it at anytime by signing in with their username 
  • Requires Flash to play
  • Provide headphones for leaners to listen to the audio
  • Can choose the game in Spanish or English
  • Educator guide and quick start guide are useful for implementing the content, and are available in both Spanish and English
  • The game is available to download as an iOS app, Android app, and Edmodo app 
  • Works great for a flipped classroom
  • None
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