Dividing the King’s Foot into 12 Equal Pieces

Apply, apply, apply! A measurement lesson applies a number of concepts to help learn a new construction. Scholars learn to divide a segment into n equal parts using a method that uses the Side Splitter Theorem and a method that applies dilations. They then explain how the different methods work and apply each one to different segments. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the first practice problem as the conclusion to the activity, then have individuals compare their one-foot measure to the actual measure of one foot
  • Ask learners to brainstorm real-life situations that require equal spacing 
Classroom Considerations

  • Required materials include poster paper, a meter or yardstick, compass, straightedge, and setsquare
  • Number 10 in a sequence of 36 lessons

  • Uses and expands upon known constructions to learn a new construction
  • The lesson is hands-on and can be adapted to different levels of understanding

  • None