Division (No Remainders)

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Help young mathematicians build a solid understanding of division with this base ten block activity. With the help of these popular math manipulatives, children model different math problems in order to reinforce the connection between multiplication and division, and develop fluency with both operations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Implement this activity as a guided practice exercise during an upper-elementary unit on division
  • Turn this activity into a math learning center, having students model different division and multiplication problems in order to determine their solutions
  • Use this as a small group activity for students needing extra support learning both multiplication and division
Classroom Considerations

  • This math activity requires a class set of base ten blocks, which may need to be borrowed or purchased if you don't currently possess them

  • Photographs are included that demonstrate how the activity is performed
  • Resource describes how base ten blocks can also be used to teach children how to think algebraically
  • Includes a warm-up worksheet that activates children's prior understanding of multiplication and division

  • None