Drawing with Carl

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Who is Carl? Carl is a little monster that will help your learners draw and create in any way imaginable. Get those kids to activate creative and imaginative thinking skills with a really fun app. There are endless options that can provide hours of fun. With direction, it can also be a place to create images that relate to content.

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App Overview

Use the stickers, pencils, markers, paints, and animations to create unique and imaginative creations. Click Help for a quick tutorial, Settings to adjust the options, and Draw to start your creation.


  • Turn sound on/off
  • Set draw on or under stickers
  • Activate Carl’s stickers
  • Hide or show color palette and tool bar


  • Select color or create one with the color wheel
  • Undo or trash unwanted lines or art work
  • Set mirror mode to create symmetrical drawings
  • Enter contests on social media
  • Save, upload, or share pictures
  • Select creative tools

Creative Tools:

  • Choose from over 14 different colors
  • Make new colors
  • Use any of the six pencil line/crayon options
  • Choose from five different marker types
  • Select any of 10 paintbrush styles
  • Choose from 20 roller options to fill spaces with pattern
  • Pick from nine different stamp options
  • Use any number of the stickers which come in six different themes each with up to 27 stickers
  • Some stickers are animated and sing, laugh, or wave as they are moved around the canvas
  • Tap the pack of paper to:
    • Create a new drawing
    • Save your image
    • Post to facebook
    • Send image as an e-mail
    • Import original photos to augment
    • Save to your device


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Instructional Ideas
  • Have your class use the tool to create creative pictures based on a set of criteria. Challenge them to use specific lines, colors, and shapes to construct a specific image in a different way.
  • After writing a poem or narrative, learners can create related images to accent their creative writing projects
  • Pose a question to young students, “What could I make with a circle, square, triangle, and an animal?” In pairs, they can use those items (and only those items) to create an image. After each image is e-mailed and printed out, each pair can come up with a simple sentence that tells a story about the animal and how the shapes were used to create a structure.”
  • Have learners with perceptual-motor difficulties draw straight lines, trace shapes, or practice fine motor skills by pinching images to re-size or rotate them
  • Set up this app on several devices and station them around the room. Each station will have a timer set for 30 seconds, learners will have to move from one station to the next adding one thing to each drawing. When the time is up, the images can be printed and displayed to show kids that art can be a collaborative process.


Classroom Considerations

Young children will have a lot of fun playing with this tool; it is creative and provides multiple options. However, without a clear learning directive, the tool becomes a toy. To make the app a part of a learning environment, purpose and directives need to be established.

  • Can be used to activate creating thinking skills and imaginative play
  • Provides many creative options
  • Contest access provides examples of other amazing works of art
  • Tools mimic those used in real life
  • Could be used as a free-time activity for learners with special needs


  • Younger users may need direction and a time limit due to the great number of options available