Drugs + Your Body—It Isn’t Pretty

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Drugs can affect all parts of the body including teeth, skin, heart, brain, and lungs. Use an interactive that explores topics like addiction and the brain, steroid use and skin breakouts, methamphetamine use and rotting teeth, smoking and lung diseases, stimulant use and increased heart rates, and death associated with all. Each section provides information in text along with graphics, and/or videos.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use as a way to prevent drug misuse and abuse to avoid addiction
  • Break each section into separate studies of the effects of drugs on different parts of your body
  • Use the accompanying worksheets for a more robust learning experience
Classroom Considerations
  • Ensure all users have access to the Internet to interact with the resource
  • Contains some graphic images throughout the resource
  • Best suited for health classes but can be incorporated into other subjects as well
  • Interactive can be used all year round to supplement any study of the effects of various drugs on our bodies
  • Includes images, videos, informational text, and external links to explore each topic further
  • Comes with worksheets and teacher guides to make complete lessons and activities
  • None