Earth Day Carol

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Learn about the environmental three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) in a modern day version of Dickens' Christmas Carol with an ecological twist. Discover where plastic comes from, where it collects, and one potential fate as Plastic Bottle Scrooge receives visits from Plastic Past, Present, and Future.

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App Overview

Plastic Bottle Scrooge is not a fan of Earth Day, but he is about to see the light. Join him as he learns about landfills from his friend Styrofoam, tours the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and finds out that, if disposed of properly, his fate and function may be changed for the better. 



  • Choose to read it yourself or use the narration 
  • Tap on each page to learn more information
  • Swipe or tap the arrow to turn the page
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Instructional Ideas

  • Use in conjunction with Jack Johnson's song The 3 R's to learn about good environmental practices
  • Narration can help lower readers
  • Fact-check the pop-up box information with an environmental WebQuest
Classroom Considerations

  • Does not save place when exiting the app
  • Plan time to discuss the topics more in-depth with the class

  • Free
  • Option to have the e-book read aloud
  • Easy Earth Day activity 
  • Good introduction to ecological issues for younger children

  • One time use (e-book)
  • Narrator's voice for some characters doesn't seem to fit the character
  • Not very in-depth
  • Does not save your place if you leave the app