Earth Day Number Practice 0-20

How many trees can your pupils plant? Practice numbers 0-20 with several related activities. For the first, kids match images of trees to numbers. They then match the number symbols to number words, using a word bank. The final activity asks individuals to draw the number of trees that correspond with the given number.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create several sets of materials and put kids into small groups to practice matching
  • Complete the matching activity in class, and assign one or both of the other exercises for homework
  • Play with matching tress on Earth Day or Arbor Day
Classroom Considerations
  • Preparing this activity may take some time, as there are 20 tree pieces and 20 number pieces to cut out; consider laminating the cutouts to extend their use and cut down on later prep time
  • Includes colorful, high-quality printouts of trees to use for the matching activity
  • Comes with a variety of activities that are all related and nicely illustrated
  • For the number one, the matching number piece reads "Plant 1 trees" instead of tree