Earthquakes: Second Grade Lesson Plans and Activities

This Earthquakes: Second Grade Lesson Plans and Activities unit also includes:

What causes earthquakes? Second graders learn about stresses from plate movement with a set of hands-on activities. After tracing fault lines on a map with yarn, class members create a paper plate model of Earth to show its layers and how deep a drill can go.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include these words in your word wall: earthquake, crust, fault, inner core, outer core, stress, and drill
  • Lab explores faults in California; research local fault maps located in your area for a more concise and precise lesson
Classroom Considerations

  • The second in a series of four lessons that make up a unit on the plate tectonics cycle
  • Have learners refer to pages 5-6 in the student workbook for this portion
  • Lesson assumes learners are familiar with kilometers

  • A workbook for the entire unit is included below
  • Engaging for readers of all levels

  • May be too advanced for some second graders
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