Earth's Water

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If the majority of our planet is covered with water, why do we need to bother conserving it? With a thorough and varied investigation into the location and types of water on the earth, learners will gain an understanding of why this resource is so precious. By creating a liquid scale model, then examining and coloring maps, and finishing up with a discussion, kids should grasp that just a small fraction of the earth's water is drinkable, and should therefore be conserved.

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  • Excellent visual demonstration of the limited amount of fresh water available for use
  • Approaches topic from several different learning styles
  • Lesson would work well for many different age and ability levels

  • Student Capture Sheet is missing the number of items kids should list; be sure to write this in before making copies
  • Typo on slide six of presentation
  • Must use link to presentation from materials section rather than from the link in the lesson's teacher guide
  • Map on worksheet may be difficult to color without more lines indicating ice caps