Eclipse Activity Guide

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Ever made solar s'mores? Or recreated the solar system using peanuts? Astronomers young and old investigate all things solar using a variety of activities. Explore how the sun works, types of light it emits, and methods of charting the position of our sun and moon. The guide includes fascinating images and challenging experiments.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Extend the lesson using the resources at the end of the teacher's guide
  • Use the chart provided in the table of contents to determine which investigations are appropriate for the age of your students
Classroom Considerations

  • The detailed materials list makes setting up the investigations easy
  • Read up on safety measures for viewing the sun as the eclipse approaches

  • The teacher's guide contains all printable materials and activities guides
  • Activities are designed to give learners a perspective on size, distance, and motion throughout the solar system

  • None