EconMovies 1: Star Wars (Scarcity, Choices, and Exchange)

This EconMovies 1: Star Wars (Scarcity, Choices, and Exchange) video also includes:

Scarcity, choices, and the fundamentals of economics... in Star Wars! Here is a highly entertaining and incredibly informative video that uses several clips from the Star Wars to explain how economists make assumptions. The video also reviews key concepts such as voluntary and involuntary exchange, benefits and costs, and the invisible hand. This is one series that every economics teacher should have in their tool belt.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations

  • Several concepts are covered quickly, so perhaps this is best to use as a review
  • Note: Present the video before covering supply and demand in your class

  • Very engaging film that also clearly illustrates economic concepts
  • Provides an opportunity to evaluate an argument toward end of the clip on free market capitalism

  • None