Editable Exit Tickets

This Editable Exit Tickets assessment also includes:

Here is a resource with 28 different exit ticket formats that can be used across the curriculum. Opportunities for exit assessments are endless with various prompts such as, "2 facts I learned today are..." or "I need extra help with..." or asking for feelings, opinions, and reactions to a lesson. Multiple pages of blank, table-formatted exit tickets are included for additional, personalized prompts. The entire packet comes as an editable version that downloads as a PowerPoint presentation, perfect for projecting a task onto the board.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the table-formatted tickets for a graphing question in a math class 
  • Keep track of learners that show difficulty in responding to a prompt
Classroom Considerations

  • Allow pupils enough time to respond to a quick prompt before leaving the classroom
  • A great way to monitor progress or gather feedback from class members

  • Each sheet has two to four copies of the printable exit tickets
  • Offers a variety of prompts that can be used in multiple subject areas and grade levels

  • None