EdTech Tuesdays: Teaching Today with Ann McMullan

Exactly how important is the use of technology in the modern classroom? According to Ann McMullan, an educational technology consultant in Los Angeles, it's indispensable. Follow along as she describes her experiences with helping schools transition to 1:1 learning environments.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Discuss how technology has impacted learning in your own school or district after viewing this video during a staff meeting
  • Watch this video during the early stages of a 1:1 implementation, using it as the basis for discussion about the use of technology in the classroom
Classroom Considerations

  • Having trouble getting the video to play smoothly? Clicking the blue HD letters in the lower right corner will play the video at a lower resolution and decrease buffering time

  • Video describes the positive impact 1:1 implementation can have on student learning
  • Advice is given for teachers who are reluctant to integrate technology into their instruction

  • None