Lesson Plan

Educator’s Guide to Planning a Field Day Event

This Educator’s Guide to Planning a Field Day Event lesson plan also includes:

Plan an environmentally friendly field day for your young conservationists with this collection of activities and resources. Whether it's bowling with plastic bags full of crumpled up newspaper and empty plastic bottles, or having relay races with stilts made out of old tin cans, these fun activities are bound to engage children and open their eyes to the creative ways materials can be reused.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Join with other teachers to plan a field day event for the entire school
  • Include these activities in a school-wide Earth Day festival
  • Create displays offering facts about the materials being reused in each activity
Classroom Considerations
  • Hold the field day on school grounds, or plan a trip to a local park or public outdoor space
  • Send letters home asking parents to donate the different recyclable and reusable materials needed for these activities
  • Descriptions of 11 activities and 10 relay races are included with photographs demonstrating how they are performed
  • Includes a sample map and schedule of activities to help teachers with organizing this event
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