Effects of Changes in Pathways

Toxins, poisons, and diseases, oh my! These forces work throughout the body to disrupt the normal processes causing harm, or even death. Learners see how toxins, poisons such as anthrax, and diseases such as diabetes affect the normal pathways of the body and how these changes can be detrimental. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners research the organisms mentioned throughout the video and prepare a presentation
  • Instruct pupils to research different types of toxins and have them prepare a presentation
  • Show Signal Transductions Pathways videos the narrator references at 1:55
Classroom Considerations

  • Classroom must have a computer, projection system, and access to the Internet to use the activity 
  • Part 16 in a series of 37

  • Interesting examples throughout the video to keep high school learners engaged — newts, anthrax, and diabetes
  • Fascinating story about a Haitian zombie, created by being fed tetrodotoxin will intrigue high schoolers 
  • Includes a review worksheet

  • Link to referenced video at 1:55 is not included