Efficient Functional Behavior Assessment Checklist

This Efficient Functional Behavior Assessment Checklist printable & template also includes:

Work on a learner's problem behavior in your classroom with a behavior assessment checklist. After identifying the behavior, educators can indicate how often the behavior occurs, any events that could cause or encourage the behavior, and features and effectiveness of the consequences.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have multiple teachers, counselors, specialists, or aides fill out the checklist based on their various experiences with the child
  • Base the agenda of a parent conference around the structure of the checklist, including when and where the behavior is most common and the possible triggers for the behavior
Classroom Considerations

  • Checklist might be a little long for some educators to fill out, based on limited experience with the child

  • A thorough and helpful guide for both educators and parents to work through
  • Provides an instruction sheet for reference
  • An editable version of the checklist is attached if you need to make modifications

  • None