Einstein's Brilliant Mistake: Entangled States

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Mistakes aren't always a bad thing. Learn how one of Albert Einstein's greatest contributions to the field of quantum physics was actually a theory that ended up being proven wrong, with this short video on entangled states.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Supplement this video into a physics unit on quantum mechanics
  • Include the video in an exploration of the work and accomplishments of Albert Einstein
  • Use as a homework assignment in your flipped classroom
Classroom Considerations

  • This presentation covers very abstract concepts relating to quantum mechanics and is best suited for an AP physics or college physics course

  • Simple animations and graphics are used to explain very abstract concepts
  • Teachers are able to create their own customized lessons based on the video
  • Video comes with a short assessment, offering five multiple choice and three free-response questions

  • None
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