Emotional Intelligence

Guide young learners through the tumultuous emotions of growing up with a set of worksheets about self-esteem and empathy. Each worksheet focuses on a different skill, allowing youngsters to work through their feelings and relate to those around them.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use with a small group in a counseling session, or with a peer counseling group
  • Peruse the packet to find the worksheets that are most relevant to your curriculum
  • Give some of the worksheets to parents who want to work on communication skills with their children
Classroom Considerations

  • Many of the worksheets have a lot of color, which could make it hard for copying

  • Ideas are applicable to learners of all reading levels and ages
  • Provides a handy table of contents to organize the packet

  • Some of the worksheets are not well-written or organized, such as the emotions quilt page that has minimal room for writing; use the ideas to create your own worksheets or activities