End of Year Reflection Questions

Wrap up your course by asking students to reflect and consider some of the most meaningful and important moments from the year. This document includes 15 different reflection questions, from identifying a best piece of writing or an influential role model to recalling a kind gesture from a classmate.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Ask students to employ the same writing techniques they have been practicing throughout the year for this assignment (i.e. using specific examples to support their ideas, offering a clear voice and perspective, etc.)
  • Consider presenting this document to your department or at a PLC meeting and having all students complete the assignment for each year of high school. They can then compile these writing pieces into a portfolio and reflect on their progression and learning experience
Classroom Considerations

  • The PDF includes information that is specific to the author's school and course; you must adapt the assignment to your own text document

  • Reflection questions can apply to various subject areas and grade levels
  • Opportunity to choose from the 15 questions will encourage greater interest and enthusiasm from students

  • None