Engineering Games

Engineering is like a big game! Yes, you read that correctly. In this video, the engineering process is examined with a focus on defining variables, and ways to discover the one variable that affects the outcome of a solution. Then, it is applied to an imaginary game of Slingshot Catbot.   

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Instructional Ideas

  • Download and take time during the day to explore apps that use engineering techniques
  • Have class members research engineers and their accomplishments   
Classroom Considerations

  • The eighth in a series of 17 videos that focuses on the engineering process

  • Episode is informative and entertaining; including fun graphics, cartoons, sound effects, and jokes 
  • Vocabulary terms are highlighted and defined thoroughly
  • Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards 

  • The host speaks rather quickly; pause often or replay parts to give scholars the opportunity to jot down information or answer questions