English Language Arts Examination: June 2018

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Is graffiti art? Writers explore that question as part of a source-based argument within a set of questions from the NY Regents examination. The assessment from June 2018, part of a larger set of standardized tests, consists of three sections: multiple choice, source-based argument, and text analysis. It also features both fiction and non-fiction texts.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Share sample responses to the writing portions of the assessment and have learners use the rubric to grade them, and then see if their scores were on track
  • Complete the assessment in small groups and have members discuss the reasoning behind their response to each question
Classroom Considerations
  • Blank pages at end of document are for writing responses to the text analysis prompt
  • Covers a range of question styles and standards
  • Lacks rationales to support correct answers to multiple choice questions