Entropy and Enthalpy Changes

This Entropy and Enthalpy Changes activity & project also includes:

My room isn't messy — it's a scientific experiment in entropy! Scholars investigate entropy, enthalpy, and spontaneity through a guided procedure and set of questions. The lesson connects the Second Law of Thermodynamics, energy transfer between systems, and dissolving salts.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Work together as a class completing the experiment, discussion, and analysis rather than in small groups
Classroom Considerations

  • Many of the chemicals in the laboratory require special safety procedures because they are skin irritants, have toxic vapors, and are flammable
  • Check local regulations for chemical disposal as many are not typically used in a high school lab

  • Links to a related lesson for those wishing to learn more
  • Reinforces chemical equations and the scientific method

  • None