Enzymes and Activation Energy

How can you quickly demonstrate the concept of enzymes and their activity within a cell, specifically increasing the timeliness of a chemical reaction? Individuals view a short video that demonstrates this concept in graphic animation and then discuss the importance of the process as it affects their lives and the surrounding environment.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class build a model of the cell before and after enzymes have been put into place to speed up a chemical reaction; discuss the effects of this reaction on the overall cell
  • Instruct students to brainstorm scenarios in which chemical reactions do not take place as they should and a dysfunction occurs; discuss the ramifications of such issues
Classroom Considerations

  • Due to the short nature of this video, it is important to use it as a supplemental tool when teaching a unit from an already existing lesson plan

  • Simple video contains vivid animations that engage individuals with all learning styles
  • Plain and simple language allows those individuals who are not native speakers of the language to better understand a complex concept

  • None