Episode 10: Unemployment

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Want a job, need a job, but cannot find a job? What impact does the quest have on not only job seekers, but also on the overall economy? Scholars research unemployment's ripple effect on the market, purchasing power, and overall health of the economy as well as the hidden consequences of having a large amount of people looking for work. A short video explains how those who cannot work not only negatively impact what they can buy, but have their job skills wasted at the same time. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign a reading on unemployment's impact on the economy as a preview for the lesson
  • Compare and contrast the era of the Great Depression with today's unemployment rates and their impacts on society
Classroom Considerations

  • 10th and final installment of an Economic Lowdown video series

  • Resource includes links to locate the current unemployment rate
  • Audio and visual learners benefit from the video and podcast options 

  • None