Episode 1.4: The Technology

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What happens when the plan just won't come together? Get a bigger team! Episode four in a seven-part series featuring the Global Problem Solvers examines what happens when young leaders run into a road block when implementing new technology to bring water to the people of Malawi. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Ask volunteers to explain how enlisting the help of all of Malawi's citizens will help the group's cause
  • Break pupils into small groups and have them create an ad or presentation that would inspire villagers to help solve the water crisis
Classroom Considerations

  • Pause the video when the team talks about using Lake Malawi as a water source to ensure students understand why it is not a viable option

  • The resource presents a very realistic look at how leaders overcome setbacks
  • Learners gain experience in problem solving and organization 

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