Lesson Plan

Everyday Life - Exploring the California Missions

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This Everyday Life - Exploring the California Missions lesson plan also includes:

Young scholars relive history as they examine primary sources that document everyday life in the California missions. During a class viewing of the included slideshow presentation, children analyze documents, paintings, and drawings in order to learn about the Franciscans and Native Americans that lived and worked at the missions in California.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Include this series of lessons in an upper-elementary social studies unit on the California Missions
  • When posing questions to the class, allow children to share their ideas with a partner or small group before discussing them with the whole class
  • Conclude this lesson series by having the class write letters from the point of view of a missionary or Native American, describing events in their everyday lives
Classroom Considerations
  • This resource is broken into five parts, which can be taught separately or as one or two longer lessons depending on your class schedule
  • Lesson plan offers questions to discuss with the class at specific points during the presentation
  • Offers facts to share with the class during discussions about the primary source documents
  • None