“Everyone Else Does It!” Ethics Project

This “Everyone Else Does It!” Ethics Project lesson plan also includes:

Do you have good ethics? How about good morals? Scholars investigate the role business ethics, morals, and values play in society. Through role play, group work, and readings, they uncover the basis behind the importance of being trustworthy. A final group presentation allows for open discussion on the question of whether it's wrong to have shaky morals even if "Everyone Else Does It?"

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Print out an enlarged copy of the definitions of ethics, morals, and values and place around the room prior to the lesson
  • Create an assignment of current events examining ethics, or lack thereof, in today's world 
Classroom Considerations
  • Project requires a minimum of three hours to complete
  • Provides detailed lesson plans for teachers to follow, including student prompts and rubrics
  • Contains printable worksheets and materials for classroom use
  • None