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Explore Cave Paintings in This 360° Animated Cave

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This Explore Cave Paintings in This 360° Animated Cave instructional video also includes:

What do virtual reality and cave paintings have in common? Scholars ponder this question while examining a 360-degree-view video about 40,000 year old French cave paintings. Rich extension materials allow inquiry into deeper questions about humankind and its need for expression. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Discuss the theories behind the meaning of cave art using information from the voice-over in the video
  • Explore the additional resources and debate the role of art in studying history
Classroom Considerations
  • Learners need to create an account to fully access all materials
  • Website is interactive and allows users to explore animated cave painting on their own
  • Questions on discussion boards stimulate debate about the origin and nature of cave art
  • The 360-degree feature is difficult to use and may frustrate some pupils