Lesson Plan

Exploring Whirligigs

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What's that silly thing spinning in the wind? It's a whirligig! Explore wonderful windy whirligigs with a STEM-based unit that teaches the science and concepts behind these gigs. Scholars discover how gravity and air resistance contribute to the movement of whirligig blades, and then design their own slow-falling whirligig complete with trials and errors and constant and controls.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Bring in several types of whirligigs to provide an example for the class
  • As an extension, assign a project for learners to build a whirligig with their choice of materials. Ensure a rubric is in place and expectations are clear upon assigning
Classroom Considerations
  • Takes about two hours to complete all three lessons broken up into 30-minute sessions
  • Be sure to gather the materials before beginning. Consider doing the demonstration for practice ahead of time in order to become familiar with it
  • The 13-page packet includes background information for teachers, vocabulary, learning objectives, three whirligig lesson plans, discussion questions, and a lab sheet
  • A PowerPoint (pdf) and whirligig template are included as additional links for the resource
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