Exponential Decay Exploration

This Exponential Decay Exploration lesson plan also includes:

How can you model exponential decay? Explore different situations involving exponential decay functions and decreasing linear functions by performing activities with MandM candy, popcorn kernels, and number cubes.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this activity to introduce exponential decay after a lesson on exponential growth
Classroom Considerations

  • The task assumes that students can use a graphing calculator to create a scatter plot
  • A large volume of materials is necessary

  • A student data collection sheet is included with the resource

  • Inconsistent use of language, such as referring to each iteration as a "throw" or as a "toss"
  • Data collection table indicates 200 as original number of objects in the cup, but this can be impractical for some of the objects (such as number cubes)
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