Factor Game

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Learning about factors and multiples is all fun and games with this simple math activity. The lesson begins with the teacher and class playing the Factor Game together as learners figure out the rules and uncover key vocabulary as they go. Children then break into pairs and play on their own, developing more sophisticated strategies and a deeper understanding of factors and multiples with each game.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this lesson as an introduction to a unit on factors and multiples in the upper-elementary grades
  • After becoming familiar with the game, change the rules so that scoring involves adding up only the prime factors of the chosen number
  • Take breaks in-between students' games to discuss their strategies and discoveries regarding factors and multiples
  • Create and laminate score cards to support students with playing the game
  • For students struggling to memorize their multiplication facts, allow them to use a multiplication chart while playing the game
Classroom Considerations

  • Laminate the Factor Game game board and direction sheets for use year after year

  • A series of questions are provided for guiding class discussions and supporting children while they play the Factor Game
  • A list of clear, step-by-step directions for playing the game is provided
  • Two different game board templates are provided; one including numbers up to 30 and the other with numbers up to 49

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