Factor Samurai

Master composite and prime numbers with this fast-moving game. Using your sword, slice those composite numbers and watch them break up into factors. Slice again if those factors are composite. However, watch out for prime numbers, slicing them will cost you!

3rd - 5th Math 35 Views 10 Downloads
CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

The objective of this learning game is to understand and recognize prime and composite numbers. You accomplish this by slicing with your finger through composite numbers as they appear on the screen, and ignoring prime numbers when they appear. The composite numbers break in two factors when sliced, which then can be sliced again, if the factor is composite. 

Different Levels:

  • Grasshopper
  • Apprentice
  • Master

At each level, the basic game is the same. The increased levels display more integers on your screen at one time, which forces you to recognize the composite numbers and slice more quickly. 

The goal is to try to slice only composite numbers for the longest period of time possible without making more then three mistakes. The numbers that appear on your screen start out basic (1-20) and very gradually get larger. 

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Instructional Ideas

This app could be a fun introduction to prime and composite numbers. While it  doesn't allow learners to find the factor pairs themselves, it does require them to focus on the fundamental differences between these two classifications of numbers.

Classroom Considerations

  • Notifications such as alerts, sounds, and icon badges can be configured in settings
  • The app does have background drumming music, slicing, and pinging sounds when used with a headset
  • The number range varies slightly, but most games stay within the range 1-25

  • Easy to use, quick to play 
  • Nice graphics

  • Fairly expensive for the limited functionality provided. 
  • Only addresses a very limited part of CCSS.Math.Content.4.OA.B.4 
Common Core