Unit Plan

Family Child Care Home Instructional Unit: My Community

This Family Child Care Home Instructional Unit: My Community unit plan also includes:

As Mister Rogers would say, "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood," especially when youngsters know all about community helpers and their role in the community. These two units, one designed for ages two to three and the other for ages three to four, require kids to study a short book, discuss community helpers, become familiar with the buildings in their neighborhoods, and more.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Follow the units as they are, or pick and choose the activities that appeal to you
  • Invite a community helper to come speak to your class
Classroom Considerations
  • You'll need to purchase or borrow the book Communities by Sarah L. Schuette (for the ages two to three unit) or the book Around the Neighborhood by Katherine Mead (for the ages three to four unit)
  • Comes with images, handouts, and other high-quality materials to support your instruction
  • Kids sing songs, learn about community helpers, and discuss positive community behavior
  • None