Fantastic Forests

The forest is a wonderland of plants, animals, and flourishing life within the ecosystem. Use a crossword puzzle and an unscrambling activity to teach future rangers about the beauty and characteristics of the forest and its inhabitants.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners create a diorama of a forest habitat, complete with layers of a forest floor and animals who live in the forest
  • Laminate the worksheet for your class to complete with dry erase markers
Classroom Considerations

  • Does not include a word bank
  • Answer key is at the bottom of the page; consider covering this part up before distributing to your class
  • Activity is designed to teach about specific habitats in Oregon, but it would work with your lesson on general forest biomes

  • Includes lots of interesting facts about forests, as well as riddles and tips for sustainability
  • Two-page format makes the activity versatile for classroom use

  • None