Favorite Dr. Seuss Book Graph

What's your class' favorite Dr. Seuss book? Find out using this book graph that lists nine different titles and asks participants to indicate their favorite. Results are then tallied and graphed.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Send scholars to different classrooms to administer the favorites graph, then examine their findings as a class  
  • Brainstorm book titles from Dr. Seuss to provide a starting point in creating the list of favorites
  • Do a literuaure study unit on the favortie book chosen to celenrate Dr. Seuss' brithday or Read Across America Day 
  • Schedule time to visit the library to search for, or download, books by Dr. Seuss
Classroom Considerations

  • Copies are required

  • Up to nine book titles can be listed for voting purposes 
  • Coloring each box to count as a vote allows for a wide range of age groups to participate 

  • The font can be difficutl to read
  • The graph goes up to number 13; therefore, if you have a large class you may need to modify the page or add additional paper