Finding Side Length (Given Perimeter)

This Finding Side Length (Given Perimeter) worksheet also includes:

Perimeter is the total distance around an object. One can find the perimeter of a rectangle or square by adding all four side lengths together. These worksheets require third graders to find the missing side length, given the perimeter of the figure.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use as a quick check, extra practice, homework, or quiz
  • Advise students to label the side lengths of each figure in order better represent their understanding of solving the problems
  • Provide notebook paper for solving
Classroom Considerations
  • Students must already know how to find perimeter of an object
  • Learners should have knowledge of quadrilateral attributes (opposite sides of a rectangle have the same lengths)
  • Print all 10 versions of the worksheet or select the version you like and print by page
  • Each sheet has 15 problems
  • Pupils are compelled to expand their thinking of perimeter by working backward
  • Answer keys are provided for each worksheet
  • None
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