Finding the Slope of a Line from a Graph

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Slope is the steepness of a line, but how do you quantify steepness? A video demonstrates how to find the slope of a line from a graph, either by counting vertical and horizontal change or by using the slope formula. Five problem videos cover examples with worked-out solutions.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Skip problems 4 and 5, as they repeat information in earlier videos
  • Use the video with learners struggling with finding the slope of a line from a graph
Classroom Considerations

  • Make sure to watch problem 3, as viewers do not encounter the case of zero slope and undefined slope until this video
  • Use of non-mathematical language, such as "this guy" when indicating a point, makes the video relatable but less academic

  • Clear and well-paced explanations
  • Problems lead to concepts such as the fact that the slope of a line is the same no matter what points pupils use for calculations

  • None