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Fish Morphology

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Life comes in all different shapes and sizes, and fish are no exception. Here, young scientists create fish prints as they learn how specific characteristics allow different species to survive in their particular habitats.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Include this lesson in a life science series on animal adaptations
  • Break the class into small groups and assign each a different fish to print, having them discuss and present information about their fish to the rest of the class
  • Create a class bulletin board of out the finished student work, organizing the pictures according to their different characteristics
Classroom Considerations
  • In order to do the fish printing activity, a set of rubber fish or dead frozen fish is required. Purchasing the rubber fish from the vendor listed in the resource allows you to perform this lesson year after year and eliminates the hassle of using frozen fish
  • Engages children in learning about fish with a hands-on art activity
  • Includes a reference sheet with pictures that explains the different body and tail shapes of fish
  • Lesson can be adapted for use across elementary, middle, and high school grade levels
  • None