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A useful study tool, learners create decks or download pre-made decks to review. The app tracks your progress and allows you to customize your experience with each deck. Why not try it out and test yourself and your pupils on thousands of words, concepts, and facts?

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App Overview

When you first open up Flashcards Deluxe, there is one deck already on the app called Introduction. Tap on that deck for a tutorial that requires you use the app as you read about how it works. As the tutorial explains, there are several menus within the app that allow you to customize the experience. From the gear on the start page, you can view Basic Options and Global Options, and from the gear on the flashcards, you can change settings related to that set of cards. Consider spending some time playing around with the menus to get an idea of your preferred settings.

Basic Functions:

  • Tap card to flip
  • Swipe left for correct and down for incorrect
  • Swipe right to go back; this also resets your previous answer
  • Swipe up if you have a strong understanding of the card; this will decrease its frequency in upcoming exercises

Adding Decks:

  • Press the plus sign on the start page
  • You can add a deck from recommended sites, create a deck within the app, or make decks on your computer and transfer them over to the app
  • Check out the developer's website, OrangeOrApple.com, for help on how to transfer from your computer
  • Once inside your deck, press the plus sign to create a card
  • The first line of text you type into the form is the front of the card, and the second is the back; you can add up to five sides to a card
  • Add pictures, sounds, notes, and other info if desired

Editing Decks:

  • To modify a card or deck, press the Edit button and then select the deck you want to edit; you can also rearrange and delete decks from this screen
  • If you are in the middle of reviewing and want to edit a card, you can either tap the middle-bottom button or right-bottom button to view and edit cards
  • From the Cards screen, hold and drag a card title to the left to bring up a Delete button

Other Flashcard Features:

  • View your percentage at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the B icon to enter Browse mode, which allows you to review without keeping score and start a slide show
  • View your score, percentage, and time studied after each set
  • Choose another color for your cards and modify font size
  • Change from swiping to tapping to indicate your answers
  • Customize card animation and speed
  • Enable TTS (Text to Speech)
  • Turn on multiple choice, spelling, and/or drawing for different review options
  • Alter card layout
  • Add a timer
  • Exclude a card from the deck
  • View your statistics by tapping on the bar graph on the bottom of the start page; you can filter by deck and track percentages, reps, and time studied
  • Back up your cards to your computer
  • Combine decks and create folders by tapping the Plus Sign on the main page
  • Tap the question mark for help on getting started and using Flashcards Deluxe
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Instructional Ideas

Suggest Flashcards Deluxe to students who can use the app as an effective study tool. They can use it for all of their classes.

Create a quiz game for your class. You can check understanding as you work through the questions, tracking correct and incorrect answers by swiping to the left or down and setting the incorrect answers to repeat.

Have pupils test each other as a review activity before a quiz or test. 

Classroom Considerations

Flashcards Deluxe is a useful app even without all of the options. The basic features available through the gear menus are probably enough, and if you get too into changing small parts of your experience, it's possible to get lost within the nested menus.

Check out the developer's website, OrangeOrApple.com, for more information.


  • The app is versatile; you can make and edit a deck for any class or topic, add pictures and sounds to the cards, and review with the various provided modes
  • Track your progress overall or filter by deck
  • You can customize your experience with all sorts of advanced settings

  • Once you delete a flashcard, it's gone forever; there is no undo button
  • There are a lot of options for customization, but it takes a while to figure out how to activate all of the features and use them effectively
  • Since some of the menus are nested within each other, it can be difficult to navigate all the options; walk pupils through the basic functions