Folk and Fairy Tale Readers: The Ugly Duckling

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This Folk and Fairy Tale Readers: The Ugly Duckling printables also includes:

Engage young readers to explore classic fairy tales with their very own copy of "The Ugly Duckling." With clear illustrations and an easy-to-follow repetitive structure, this printable book is perfect for developing the reading skills of young learners.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Read the story aloud to the whole class before allowing students to practice reading on their own, either independently or in pairs
  • Send the book home, inviting parents and children to practice reading together
Classroom Considerations
  • Preparing a class set of mini-books will take significant time, consider soliciting the help of a classroom aide or student assistant to speed up the process
  • Includes additional versions of the template that allow children to write the text or create illustrations for the story
  • A separate document is included that provides instructions for assembling the mini-book
  • None