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Force Field Physics

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Attracted class members to an activity-packed journey through the science behind the invisible forces at work all around us. From jump rope generators to junkyard wars, there's never a dull moment when eighth grade physics scholars immerse themselves in the unseen world. Topics covered in the unit include gravity, magnetism, and electrical forces.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Come out of the gate strong by adding additional metal objects to the magnet exploration engagement activity; do some demonstration work of your own, test the magnetic properties of aluminum foil, various jewelry items, etc., and have students theorize why each object reacted toward the magnet as it did
Classroom Considerations
  • Plan outside time for the jump rope generator; if a field trip to the parking lot isn't possible, consider coordinating time in the gym or other large room indoors
  • Expects a working knowledge of the concepts of force, mass, speed, direction, and position  
  • Very hands-on and engaging from start to finish
  • Many opportunities for extension stemming from in-lesson research and model development
  • Includes all printables with great instructions for projects and demonstrations
  • None