Four Spheres Part 2 (Hydro and Atmo)

What are the other two spheres on Earth? The hydrosphere and atmosphere, of course! This is the focus of a video that explains what makes up the hydrosphere and atmosphere.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Review and discuss the previously learned spheres (geosphere and biosphere)
  • Create a class chart of the four different spheres including visuals, definitions, and related terms
  • Split class into groups and assign each group a sphere in which they conduct further research and present to the class
Classroom Considerations

  • The fourth in a series of 22 videos that discusses Earth's spheres and natural resources 
  • Concepts from the previous videos are reviewed at the beginning of the episode
  • A diagram that indicates the five levels of the atmosphere is incorporated in this episode



  • Designed for Next Generation Science Standards

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