Free Verse

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Free verse poetry is often regarded as poetry without structure, but in reality, it is a poetic form that adheres to its own poet's thought and breath patterns. Delve into the rules and famous examples of free-verse poetry with a short classroom presentation.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Prompt learners to find additional examples of free verse poetry from the listed poets, or to research other free verse poets
  • Use one of the poems from the presentation as a basis for a copy-change poem, in which learners employ the same structure and different content for their poems; discuss whether or not the new poems are now free-verse poems
Classroom Considerations
  • Some poems are difficult to read over the presentation's background images
  • Lists the five categories of free-verse poetry, including phrase-reinforcing, phrase-breaking, word-breaking, word-jamming, and prose poems
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