Friend or Foe?

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What one person thinks is a pest may not be a pest to someone else. Here, scholars examine the characteristics of living things and pests through grand conversation and a variety of activities. Class members play a game of pest or not a pest, construct an informative foldable, and create a whole-class story where participants work together as they each add one sentence to the final product. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Invite an employee of a pest management facility in your area to speak to the class about their profession 
  • Direct pupils to conduct a mini-research report on one pest 
  • To save paper and prep-time, have learners make a hand gesture during the learning game instead of using paper 
Classroom Considerations

  • The resource is the first in a series of 12 activities that examine living things that may be considered pests 

  • Adaptations are listed to enhance engagement 
  • Provides an enrichment activity

  • Beware of broken links