Friendship Salad

What goes into a friendship salad? Kids find out as they create a fruit salad made of all the important parts of a successful classroom (helpers, listeners, hard workers, sharing, and encouraging words). Don't let that rotten banana in, though! 

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Instructional Ideas

  • When adding the marshmallows, ask kids to think up other encouraging things they could say to one another
  • Ask kids what they think the rotten banana stands for, instead of telling them, since by the time you put it in they will have gotten the hang of it
Classroom Considerations

  • This will be a sticky activity—consider doing it outside at a picnic table

  • Provides a visual (and tasty) demonstration of how different strengths create harmony in the classroom
  • Can be used as a reference for various character strengths (good job being a pineapple today!)

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