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An e-magazine with kid-friendly informational text, vibrant visuals, and activities about galaxies.    

4th - 12th Science 24 Views 17 Downloads
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App Overview

Eleven sections give brief, kid-friendly explanations and animated visuals about various aspects of galaxies. They include their different shapes, how they form, and the history, scientists, and tools involved in their study. In addition, galactic myths, legends, and perspectives from ancient civilizations are discussed.

  • High-resolution/high-definition images, animations, and video/audio
  • Extra interactive activities, including a fun quiz, constellation drawing, and a simple puzzle           
  • A detailed list of additional books and websites discussing galaxies


Tip: From the index page, swipe left for a friendly audio help section that explains the features and symbols of the app. Tap the page once on any screen to see the Home, Back, and Index buttons, as well as a favorites star button that allows you to compile the pages you liked best in one place.

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Instructional Ideas

Open a unit on the solar system using this app. With two students per tablet, invite each pair to explore the different sections of the app and write down thoughts or questions they would like to learn more about. These questions/thoughts could be compiled together into a class list and answered throughout the unit.


Classroom Considerations

The quiz has only five questions, which are always the same.

Only Two Audio Readings:

  • "Help"
  • "Galactic Myths and Legends"

None of the informational text has the option to be read aloud.


  • Very interactive and content-rich
  • Very easy for learners to get distracted with this application because there are eleven sections to chose from
  • Sounds may also be distracting to other students