Imagine there's a recording studio on your smart phone or tablet. Its easy if you try this tool. Imagine all the instruments you can play. Imagine there's no charge. You may say it's a dream, but you can join this band with just a touch.

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App Overview

Getting Started:

  1. Start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, by tapping Instruments in the control bar and selecting Sampler
  2. Tap the yellow question mark icon in the upper-right corner of this screen to learn more about the app
  3. Spend time playing with and familiarizing yourself with the various features of the program
  4. Check out David Cox's 30-minute YouTube tutorial "Garageband Tutorial for iPad," a link to which is provided in the Materials section below

Advanced Features:

  • The wrench icon permits users to select settings, including tempo, key, and time signature
  • The default setting permits the recording of eight bars; tap the plus icon to add more 
  • Multiple devices can be linked for a jam session by tapping the note icon in the upper-right corner of the tool bar
  • Up to 32 tracks can be put down and layered
  • Each track can be edited note-by-note
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task

    Every aspect of every track can be selected and edited

  • Worth the money

    A free recording studio is absolutely worth the money

  • Fun factor

    Discovery learning at its finest

  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety
  • Control and feedback
  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

  • Check out the EdTech video interview (link below) with music teacher Michael Medvinsky to see how he uses GarageBand to connect language arts and music classes
  • After a very brief introduction to some of the basic features, provide time for learners to play with the app and create their own sounds of music
  • Get your friends on board, even those who live next door, for a jam session by tapping the note icon in the tool bar
Classroom Considerations

  • Appropriate for all ages and ability levels; novices can familiarize themselves with sounds, rhythms, tempos, etc., while experienced musicians can demonstrate their understanding of music composition and theory
  • Multiple musicians can use the same device. However, there is no provision that prevents others from accessing all the saved songs.

  • Prerecorded tracks and loops                                                                                 

  • Requires a significant amount of time to become familiar with all the features of the program
  • Very limited in-app training
  • No brass instrument options